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May 2011  

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I like when people change my mind in the right direction.  
10:04pm 30/05/2011
There's a demonstrator in college I encountered for the first time in second year.  We were dissecting a rat, and when I asked for her help identifying some mystery organ I couldn't find on the diagram, she gave me a disdainful look and replied,"I don't know, I don't tend to dissect rats for the craic." This year she was a demonstrator for developmental labs, and it was fairly common practise to bluff being fine  when she walked by, and wait for the help of a demonstrator less likely to get annoyed at you for not knowing already what to do.

I got to work today probably several hours earlier than I needed to, so I was sitting in the postgrad room reading papers for my mod project proposal and knitting my Amy gloves.  (I have my own desk!) This demonstrator was the first other person to come in, and I wasn't thrilled to see her desk was next to mine.  I don't think she recognised me - there are quite a lot of us, and I did chop off all my hair since she would have last seen me - so we made small talk, and then she saw I was knitting, and asked about that, and it turns out she also knits.  So we bonded over that!  Over the course of the rest of the day she talked about stress-o-PhD, and her boyfriend and their impending marriage, and her plans to be a teacher, and was really lovely and easy to talk with.  I really don't like to dislike people, and I really like having my opinion changed on that front.

(Certainly it would be better not to be mean to silly undergrads when she's getting paid to do a job, but you can't win them all.)

Next work problem to surmount: I can't tell what the protocol is for lunch-taking.  Tune in next time!
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11:47pm 06/05/2011
The children — American soldiers left them at the compound with their hands bound behind their backs

Osama bin laden is dead so now can I bring shampoo in my suitcase?

after taking away bin Laden’s body and dozens of computers and hard drives —

The awkward moment when you realise Osama Bin Laden made seven Horcruxes...

are aged 4 to 12 and are being kept in a safe house near Islamabad in the military city Rawalpindi, a source told the Star.

Osama Bin Laden - coming soon to a beach near you.

Details on their specific ages and gender have not been released,

Osama Bin Laden is dead - it's amazing what America can accomplish when the PS3 network is down.

although reports indicate bin Laden’s 12-year-old daughter Safia witnessed her father's death.

Ahaha geddit?
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Third post in two days, someone's procrastinating.  
11:28pm 02/12/2010
And also I thought that this post was a very good way of explaining why Don't Get Raped advice is a bit redundant. "Short skirt deserves it" makes no sense, most people who aren't misogynists will agree. "Years of companionship and trust and inside jokes and being there when I needed hir deserves it" makes less.
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06:16pm 02/12/2010
Mildly annoying: waking up with one slightly sore and very bloodshot eye.

Mildly concerning: remember that yesterday I touched that eye while still wearing the gloves I had on while handling a dead pigeon.   (Wings, not innards, flight is more magical than digestion.  Bad practise though)

Other things I do!Collapse ) Again, no patterns mine.
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A rant that's been on the back-burner.  
12:11am 02/05/2010
The week after lectures ended, I was working at Trinity Week, which mainly consisted of directing people to different talks. (Also Brendan and I got to go to the Senior Common Room, eat tiny sandwiches, and go exploring, which was off the clock but still pretty cool. The theme for the week was "Ideas For the Future", and one day (when I wasn't working) there was a big cardboard stand filled with speech bubbles for people to write thoughts, ideas, other. I only saw it the following day when carting a different sign around, and the only full bubble I managed to read was "Who has worse problems - the third world or the first world?"

And yes that was two weeks ago but thinking about it still makes me very, very angry.

So angry it merited an LJ post.Collapse )
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I keep meaning to do a decent update  
02:12am 21/04/2010
but then I do things insteadCollapse )
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Senior Fresh, Round Two.  
01:12pm 15/01/2010
I just checked my timetable for next term.

Bad things:
I have Microbiology labs from two to five on a Wednesday. No no no Course Co-ordinator, don't you understand that that is when I run Homework Club? I'm aksing around to see what other times that lab is on, and I really hope I can switch. It only runs for five weeks, but what if that kids forget me? If I can't switch I might go on Mondays instead, and direct Wednesday's group from afar for the month. Hassle, though.

Microbiology and Genetics and Behaviour running concurrently. Based on last term, that's when physical chemistry will be on too. Interesting things all, with the possible of exception of chem, but the workload, dear LJ, the workload. And weekly labs with write-ups for all of them bar behaviour

Good things:

That second part will only last for five weeks.

I picked Ecosystems & Global Change, not Infection and Immunity as I thought.

Less labs and lectures in the second half of the term, which means I'll get into a nice study pattern and then suddenly have hours and hours of free time. (UNlless I can't count, my hours go from twenty-six before reading week to thirteen after. Craaazy.)

I have Behaviour to cheer me up when molecular is getting me down. Behaviour runs into the second half of the term so I'll get to enjoy it by itself, too, and then finish out with very little molecular. Not that I don't enjoy molecular, but a lot of it at once has the result of letting me know that I'm stupid, and that's not what you want coming up to exams.

Behaviour includes a trip to the zoo!

Overall, more good things next term then not. Also, VDP intravarsities next weekend, I think. Also, back to work the week after that. Also, soon the sun will be back properly. So life is good. Or will be. Or both of these things.
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05:43pm 06/01/2010

His manner strikes me as odd in that he's not ranting and raving, just saying these things as though they're perfectly logical. But mostly: what.
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I made a skirt and I'm pretty proud of it.  
02:26pm 29/08/2009
I bought this material arund Christmas, but only got found a pattern I liked for it recently. I still have to add a hook and eye to the top as it's a little loose. My aunt helped me, as I've never done it before and the sewing machine is in her house anyway, but I did most of it by myself.

And it looks like this.Collapse )
I feel so goddamn accomplishedaccomplished
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A walking argument for censorship.  
11:22pm 24/08/2009
While this is probably exaggerated to some extent for shock value, it's not terribly surprising of the BNP. It's hard to say that Free Speech, as a cherished ideal, is more important than stopping things like that. By all means, say what you want, as long as it isn't hateful and evil. Cur i gcás, we're told that children are precious little snowflakes and we should encourage them to express themselves. But if one kid in a group stands up and starts shouting that another kid is ugly and stupid and worthless and everyone should hate him, you would be wrong to do anything but make him stop. I fail to see how something like that is somehow worth protecting just because the person shouting has grown up and has the courage of their convictions.

It's fun to be outraged.
Sounds like Man on the Moon - REM
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